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Virtual library of journalism resources

The following site hosts a wealth of journalism-related readings, lessons, planners, activities and more. There's plenty more to know -- check them out:


Rob Melton



Now, even better, there is a blog about food right from Benson students! Check it out, the pictures of food are amazing. We're checking all the cool places people are talking about and see if we want to say the same things. Click here!


First podcast premieres today...

Brian took everyone's stories and put it all together today. We listened to it in class. We also decided on words to describe the personality of the show. Good job, everyone!

Every time you write a story, you will also write a radio story. Now that you know they are told differently, and know how to record it, we are ready to go to weekly production of the podcast. Stories need to be done by Wednesday or Thursday so Brian (or others) can have time to produce the show.

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to watch the inauguration next Tuesday morning!



It looks greats, and it reads well. There were far fewer mistakes to correct this time around. Layout is better, and the opinion section is, well, OPINIONATED! That proves that when we put our minds to it, we can focus and improve with each newspaper. Congratulations on a job well-done!

Below is the PDF. Take a look -- it hasn't even hit the newstand yet!

010909 TECHPEP


Pictures of the year...

Year in Pictures

Over on webshots the editors have put together their favorite photos of 2008. Take a look!


Lay out a page using stories and photos from MCTCampus...

Today's assignment is to practice laying out a page on PageMaker using stories and photos from MCTCampus.com. The password is in the rolodex. Use your best news judgment to grade and organize the news for our readers. Use balance and contrast design. Good luck and have fun!


It's snowing at my house...

Thought I'd share a few snow pictures here. I live up in the hills by Wilson High School. Enjoy!


PageMaker or InDesign files only...

I can't change anything on a PDF; therefore, you must save either a PageMaker or InDesign file to the server. I would prefer PageMaker files so that we're all using the same tools.

Dan, if you're reading this, I need the InDesign file for the Santa page. Same goes for the Art page. Load them here or onto the server.

We still need to do a lot of proofreading. And the layouts and headlines need to be punched up a bit. I think there are too many graphic pages and I'd like to see at least one more page of news.

Our assignment for the next week will be to use mctcampus.com to prioritize news for our readers, and then download the stories and photos to make a dummy and then paste it up in PageMaker (or InDesign).

I'll be out Thursday. You've all got plenty to do!

My Pit Bull Story

Pit Bull Attacks Raise Debate Over Dogs
Samantha Lumpkins, The Tech Pep

A recent string of pit bull attacks in the Portland-metro area is renewing the debate between pit bull owners and people who are concerned about the hazards that may come along with the powerful dogs.

On November 20th a Gladstone man and his 7-year-old daughter were attacked by a pit bull. The man was inside a home in Happy Valley when he heard his daughter screaming outside. He ran out and saw a 90-pound dog attacking his daughter on the tire swing where she’d been playing. He tried to pry the dog’s mouth open, but it didn’t work. The dog then began to attack him, biting him on the thigh and torso, as he wrestled with it. The dog continued to attack the man before someone began to beat the dog with an aluminum baseball bat. A Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy arrived and shot and killed the dog. The girl later required surgery for her leg injuries.

On November 23rd a neighbor’s pit bull attacked an 11-year-old girl, biting her on the mouth and face. She required 26 stitches for her injuries, and the owner said he will euthanize the dog.

On November 24th police in Portland shot and killed a pit bull after that dog and another pit bull allegedly attacked three smaller dogs, killing two of them. It happened in Southeast Portland. A Portland police officer responded to the call and shot and killed one pit bull. The other ran off and escaped.

The recent news of all these attacks has people in the community, including Benson students, talking.

“I love pit bulls, they’re cool. I think it’s the owners fault when they attack,” says Phillip Nelson, a junior at Benson.

On the other hand, sophomore Fnan Berhe, disagrees. “Ooo… they’re scary and ugly. They’re just vicious. My first reaction is to run away because they’re scary.”

Still, some people say there’s middle ground.

“In the right hands they can be gentle creatures,” says junior Brian Halvorsen. “In the wrong hands they can be used as a deadly weapon, and we should do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen. But that goes for any dog.”

No cities in Oregon currently ban pit bulls, but it’s something that could happen in the future. In North Plains a councilwoman-elect wants to ban the dogs.

Obviously, this is a debate that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


art submission

Someone needed art for this issue? Here's a giraffe I drew. If you need a bigger version of it I've got it, blogger kinda shrinked it down.

EDIT: Actually, just click on the pic for the full size. Neat'o


Truth Squad At It Again...

In our roundtable discussion over the last two days, I mentioned that one of the services a news outlet can serve is providing the facts when the public has little to go on in making decisions. When that happens, people tend to make decisions without all of the available information, and frequently succumb to emotional appeals around which side to take. At other times presenting facts stops the spread of rumor or gossip. Someone came up with the name "Truth Squad" for what it is we do. Seems like a good fit, as long as the "Truth" includes verifiable facts as best we can gather them in the time we have. The less frequently we publish, the higher the standard of accuracy is expected, both by readers and the legal system.

We decided that the GAME IS ON again. That means we have set next Tuesday as the deadline for getting pages done. That means FULL SPEEED AHEAD in producing all sections of the newspaper. Brian and each of the section editors are keeping lists for each section. You will need to write and turn in at least one major and two minor stories between now and Monday. If it hasn't been written about yet, now's the time!

See you in class soon!


Join me at parent conferences in cafeteria...

We're in our second day of parent conferences. We'll all be here until 8 p.m. Tuesday night. I'd love to see you, and your parent, of course.

I'll even add your name to today's blog entry! So far, I've had the pleasure of visiting with Anton Bogan, Katie Bonnin, Phillip Melson and Laura Ramirez. Who will be next?

Remember, next week all your stories are due so we can get out our last issue of the year (calendar year, that is!).

Have a great Thanksgiving!